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Solar Lighting

Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Lights - Solar Outdoor Lights

Solar Garden Lights: Light up your garden or front porch with Solar Power. Perfect for defining a flower bed or surrounding the pool and just right for around the deck.

Solar Garden Lights ( solar outdoor lights ) charge up during the day, and light up automatically when the sun goes down and stay on all night. Special LED bulbs last for years. Each Solar Garden Light has 2 new generation high spec LED (Light emitting diode) bulbs (Nichia brand from Japan) making our light at least 50% to 100% brighter than comparably priced models and about 4 times as bright as the cheap models now available at discount chain stores. We use the latest LED and Solar technology and make regular upgrades.
Solar Garden Lights now available in Amber or White. Lights charge up during the day, lights up automatically when the sun goes down and stays on all night (all night and more - ours are more powerful).

Technical: Please note the brightness of LED solar lights are not indicated by watts. The measurement of it is 'mcd'. That means micro candle light. The power of our light is about 3500mcd ~ 5000mcd. (depending on amber or white and amount of charge) They are powered by a pair of rechargeable 900mA nicad batteries - AA size. (Batteries are easily replaceable. They take two AA size rechargeable batteries same as a torch or flashlight). The batteries should last about 2 years and are sold by us or any other shop selling rechargeable batteries and it is ok to use later version more powerful NiMh batteries also - (note: All solar garden lights have batteries that need to be replaced at least every 2 years- some designs make it difficult to change the batteries but these cheaper models will not last 2 years in any case).
The solar panels are from Astro Power USA- top of the line. The LED lights are Japanese made (Nichia. The light is assembled in China. )

Dimensions: The top where the solar panel is located is 150mm in diameter (6 inches) of which the solar panel area is 90mm in diameter (3.5 inches). The top - (head part)is 125mm high (5 inches). The stake is 16 inches long (400mm) so that when it is stuck in the ground the lights stand up 12 inches above the ground (300mm). Along with the stake, a mounting bracket with screws is also provided along with a swivel so light can be mounted on a wall or fence. (don't worry, it puts together in two minutes).

There are now many different companies selling solar garden lights and some of them offer very poor quality. Please note that ours are the best value available and highest quality. They are fully guaranteed.

We have larger solar panels for better and faster charging during times of least light. Batteries will last 1 1/2 to 2 years - after that just replace with two more rechargeables (yes we have them at the best prices).

Easy to install, have one going in two minutes- (ok - first one may take 5) - it all fastens together - no wires – just place in the ground (special stake provided) or screw to the wall (all mounts and screws are supplied to place in ground or on the wall). Durable weatherproof. Special LED bulbs last ten years. Now available in both soft amber or white. Rechargeable batteries inside can be changed every 1.5 -2 years.

Maha Battery Chargers

Maha Battery Chargers : Will Maximise the performance of your rechargeable batteries and safely "Rapid Charge" in less than 3 hours.

The Maha Battery Charger automatically senses the battery's status and charges them just the right amount, plus, conditions them by eliminating the memory effect. The Maha charger plug is for Australia and New Zealand and Fiji - but you may also use it in USA, UK and Europe, Asia etc. with a simple travel plug adaptor.

The Set Comes with 4 top quality Maha "Powerex" 1800mA AA batteries. The most powerful available - plus a car kit is included so you can charge you batteries while driving. They are "green" Nickel metal hydride batteries Nimh.

Plug them in at home or in to your car lighter (adapter included) to charge while on the road. Charges 4AA or 4AAA rechargeable batteries. (can charge 2 at a time. Includes car adapter and with plug adaptor suitable for use in Australia and New Zealand (UK, Europe, Asia with plug adaptor). $79.50 NZ set includes 4 x 1800mA powerful rechargeable AA batteries. NiMh (nickel metal hydride batteries - can be recharged 500 times). Batteries contain no lead, mercury, or cadmium.

Reviewed by Digital Camera Magazine as:
"The Mother of All Chargers"
"Maha MH-C204F soon gained high visibility, becoming the NiMH (and NiCD) charger of choice for battery aficionados due to its "smart" electronics and rapid recharging ability. Best of all, batteries can be left in the charger until ready for use without the slightest danger of losing energy or being overcharged.

"It became apparent that the Maha Battery Charger MH-C204F gave the most consistent results. Thereafter all battery sets were tested and recharged alternatively five times in the Maha for final comparisons."

Solar Camping Utility
Solar Camping & Utility Light
Solar Camping and Emergency Utility light. Use as a small portable room light and for power failures and for kids. Goes for two hours. Place it in a sunny window and it will stay charged and ready for use.

Solar Torch
Solar Torch / Flashlight Battery Charger
Always be prepared - Torch / flashlight - Rechargeable with energy from the sun. Multipurpose- Use it as a battery charger or warning light. Its water proof and floats. Hand carry or attach to bike or boat with quick release attachment.

Solar Lantern
AM/FM Radio
Solar Lantern AM/FM Radio - Giant size
Solar Lantern and Radio. Giant size - SPECIAL PRICE FOR CHRISTMAS
Solar Lantern (fluorescent light) goes about 4 hours on a single charge, charge it back up again the next day. Radio will go for a week. For Camping, Boats, bach and out mending the fences. Giant size panel for quick charging. Easy to use and versatile.

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