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Shallow Well Suction Hand Pump

Salient Features

These Pumps are Suitable for lifting water from depths upto 7 meters.

Can be installed in alluvial areas over filter points by the owner in a short time with common garden tools and sledgehammer or over existing open wells and tube wells.

An extra pedestal can raise the pump height to meet users' preferences.
The long cast iron handle is specially designed for ease of operation even by a child

The Garden Pump is a reciprocating suction pump and is ideally suited for use by single families and in high water table conditions.

Spare parts kits for two or five years' normal operation are available.

Shallow Well Suction Hand Pump


The Section Hand pump is generally used for lifting water from a depth not exceeding 7 m. They are more cost effective than the Deep well Hand Pumps for medium lifts and are safer from bacteriological contamination and corrosion problems.

The Term "Direct Action" for a Hand pump refers to a vertical pumping action using a bar handle connecting to a buoyant PVC pump rod. The load is transmitted directly from the user to the pump rod and piston during the operation. The buoint pump rod of relatively large diameter, displaces water in both the upward and downward stroke and the buoyancy of the pump rod makes pumping operation easy. The above mechanism eliminates the complication of the lever action Hand pump such as bearings, axle etc. The direct action Hand pump is designed for the easy installation, construction, maintenance.

Construction Details

• Pump rod assembly
• Rising main
• Cylinder assembly
• Tube well assembly
• Retrieving rod assembly

A brass-jacketed strainer at the bottom filters the fine sand and silt.
The heavy-duty pump body is made from cast iron and machined to house the cylinder.
Stroke length of the handle of 150 mm provides a water discharge of 1500 litres per hour.
Variations of this pump that can be supplied are:

• Pitcher pump (Suction and Force & Lift pumps)
• Nepal No.6 (Suction pump)
• Double guided CI pump (for deep well applications with brass cylinder, riser pipes and connecting rods)
• Force & Lift applications (to deliver water to levels above the pump)

* Design and technical specifications are subject to change without notice

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