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The Pro 3000 is a single test, precision, portable incubator utilizing Aquasure’s patented STEPPI™ Technology to provide on-site and laboratory testing of microbial contamination in food and water supplies. Used in conjunction with Aqualert™ Test Kit, the AQUASURE PRO 3000™ provides a quick accurate test for the presence/absence of both Total Coliform and E.coli to WHO standards using globally approved methods (USEPA, AWWA-APHA etc.)

Pro 3000 Portable Incubator
Pro 3000 Portable Incubator


  • Laboratory performance on-site.
  • Detects within 24 hours or less both Total Coliform an E.coli to 1 CFU/100mls – a colour change to blue-green is a positive test.
  • Utilizes standard 100mls-sample size.
  • Constant temperature profile at 35 ± 0.5 °C for the entire incubation period.
  • Patented direct heating and temperature monitoring system for quick even heat distribution.
  • Factory preset calibration and total microprocessor control allows for one push button operation.
  • Built in microprocessor constantly monitors the operation for precision control of the water temperature.
  • Built in QC program ensures accuracy and reliability. Coloured LEDs displays instrument and test status.
    Green LED - indicates normal operation
    Yellow LED - Warns of power interruption
    Red LED - Warns of exceeding the QC limits/ negates the test if optimum is not achieved within 3 hours of the start of the test.
  • NiCd rechargeable battery maintains microprocessor operation during power outage.
  • Internal time clock tracks the incubation period and indicates when 24-hour incubation is over through flashing LEDs.
  • Vacuum lid maintains temperature profile in outside temperature ranging from 3 – 35 °C.
  • Compact, portable, robust and lightweight for easy handling and shipping.
  • 12V DC operation. With appropriate adapter (optional) unit can be operated by 110 volt, 220 volt, by portable battery or in an automobile

By using the AQUASURE PRO 3000™ the risk of public consuming tainted water and food is greatly reduced. The AQUASURE PRO 3000™ empowers the ground water controller to identify and respond quickly to a problem, eliminating delays caused by weekends and transportation to laboratories. The AQUASURE PRO 3000™ also eliminates the many false positives that result from loss of sample integrity caused by transportation, handling and holding time errors. Costly re-sampling and time delays are eliminated, as well as packaging, courier and laboratory costs. Public and customer confidence in water & food supplies are increase.

With Aquasure PRO 3000™ you derive the immediate benefit of:

  • More frequent microbial testing at the fraction of the cost.
  • Accurate, reliable testing in remote areas where conventional laboratories are not situated.
  • 24/7 access to results, even during times when laboratories are closed; weekends and holidays.
  • Quicker response to emergency situations; floods, storms etc.
  • Eliminates delays in receiving analysis results, which currently affect the ability to take immediate preventive action.
  • Higher standards and more frequent testing by private enterprise, who service the public and are currently unable to do so due to budget restrains to conduct regular testing.
  • A tool for water and health professionals to use on-site and even in their automobiles. The inconvenience of carrying coolers and getting samples to a laboratory is eliminated.
  • A scientific, sterile environment on-site (a minilab).
  • State of the art technology that is so easy to use, water professionals, business and the public alike can monitor their own drinking water with absolute confidence in the result analysis.
Aquasure Pro 3000 minilab
Aquasure Pro 3000 minilab

Accessories / Supplies

  • Aqualite 9601 A long wavelength battery operated UV light source used with the
    Aquasure PRO 3000™ determines the presence of E.coli (fluorescence).
  • Adapters 110VAC adapter (standard with the unit for N. America)
    • Input -120 VAC 60 HZ 12 W
      Output -12 VDC 500 mA
      220VAC adapter (optional)
      Cigarette lighter adapter (optional)
  • Aqualert Chromogenic Reagent & Sample Containment System
  • Sure Check Test Comparator Set

    Aquasure PRO 3000™ Specifications
    • Size: Height 22-cm Diam. 10.7-cm
      Weight: 643 grams
      Power: 12 VDC
      Environment: 5 – 35 °C

AQUASURE PRO 3000™ - Accurate On-Site Incubator

  • Pro 3000 with blank Aqualert Bottle & 9601 Aqualite
  • Vacuum blanket ensures integrity of incubation temperature
  • Positive Coliform Test Result
  • Pro 3000's Microprocessor with built in QC
  • Positive & Negative Result Difference Demonstrated
  • Easy to Use, providing a sterile environment, even in the field –
    Instrumentation: - Pro 3000™, Microquant 9000™
  • The PRO 3000™ is a revolutionary new test technology, which provides for single test Portable incubation for the detection of Total Coliforms & E. Coli with laboratory accuracy, in the field.
  • Aqualert's™ patented, specimen containment system, contains the Chromo cult ® USE PA APPROVED chromogenic reagent right in the packaged sterilized, disposable specimen collection and incubation chamber.
  • Transportation charges and holding time errors and delays with are eliminated with this patented microprocessor controlled system, with built the power interrupt back-up system.
  • To receive REAL-TIME RESULT ANALYSIS IN 24 hours or less, simply put the sample to be tested into the Aqualert Container, place the sample bottle into the Pro 3000-1 incubator and push the button.
Aquasure Pro 3000
Aquasure Pro 3000
Aqualert Test Complete Kit
Aqualert Test Kits Complete
Sure Check

Aqualite 9601
Aqualite 9601

A fluorescence reference solution designed to help in evaluating the fluorescence emission from test vessel under UV light (Aqualite 9601). This comparator is for use with Aqualert Kits & Pro 3000-1 Incubator. Sure-CHECK is manufactured with chemical dyes and do not contain any coliforms or E. Coli and other hazardous substances

Aquasure Mobile Auto Adapter
Aquasure Mobile Auto Adapter

A long wavelength battery operated UV Light Source. For use with Aquasure Pro 3000 to detect through florescence the presence of E. Coli. Uses 4 AA batteries (included).

Take your Aquasure Incubators on the road and start your testing immediately, at the time of sample collection. Single auto plug - in, with unit adapter configurations for 1 - 6 or 12 units. Compatible with both the Pro 3000™ & Microquant 9000™ instruments.

Once your day is finished, simply move the units from your automobile to your A/C connection, while Aquasure's microprocessor maintains the program information, to ensure uninterrupted sample processing.

* Design and technical specifications are subject to change without notice

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