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Drilling Foam

BORVIS - (Inhibitor/filtrate control/viscosifier )
Description: BORVIS, a partially hydrolysed polyacrylamide/polyacrylate copolymer (PHPA) powder, is used to stabilise reactive clay and shale formations.
BORVIS may be used to prepare a solid's free drilling fluid with exceptional hole stabilising properties, or improve the properties of air/foam injection fluids.
BORVIS is readily soluble in fresh, brackish or salt water.
Functions :
  • Stabilise water sensitive formations.
  • Reduces bit balling.
  • Reduces drill-pipe torque and pumping pressures.
  • Eliminate rod chatter in diamond drilling.
  • Flocculate drilled cuttings when used in low concentrations.
  • Improves air/foam injection properties
  • Yields rapidly with minimum shear.
  • Is non-fermenting, does not require the use of biocides.
  • Effective in salt (NaCI, KCI,etc.) environments.
  • Reduces drill-pipe torque and circulating pressure.
  • Can be broken down with sodium hypochlorite when desired
Typical Appearance :
  • Appearance ; White Powder
Treatment :
  • To stop rod vibrations and reduce torque ; 1.5 Kg to3 Kg/1000Lt.
  • Injection fluid for foam drilling ; 0.7 Kg to 1 Kg/1000Lt of make up injection fluid


  • BORVIS is packed in 25 Kg bags

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