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Direct Action Hand Pump


  • Minimum diameter of well 80 mm.
  • Max.Cylinder placement from ground level 15 Mtrs.
  • Internal Diameter of Cylinder 54.3 mm.
  • Discharge per stroke of 300mm 0.875 Litter
  • Average discharge in 40 stroke/min.App. 35 Litters


Direct Action Hand Pump
Direct Action Hand Pump
Direct Action Hand Pump (TARA) has all VLOM features. (Village Level Operation & Maintenance), suitable to draw water from low to medium lifts (upto 15 mtrs.). Having proper bore sealing and without the need of priming, (as required the case of suction pumps) this pump eliminates the possibility of contamination of Tubewell water and delivers the ground water stored in geological formation below the ground, which has been found to be biologically safe for human consumption. TARA is well suitable for more aggressive soil & water as the belowground components are made of uPVC, Thermo-Plastic moldings & Stainless Steel. This Direct Action Hand Pump is a fine example of excellent workmanship and high standard of quality. That's a hallmark of BIAC.

  1. T-Bar handle at the top of the pump rod.
  2. High discharge. Discharge in both upward and downward strokes.
  3. Capable of drawing water from depth up to 15mtrs beyond the suction limit (7mtrs.)
  4. Corrosion Resistant.
  5. Direct action pump-No leverage & bearings.
  6. Simple maintenance.
  7. Easy Installation.
  8. Light-hence easy to handle.
  9. Two women can attend below ground repair.
  10. Easy availability of spares.
  11. Lightweight (UPVC) pump rods, provide buoyancy.
  12. Specially designed well screen.
  13. Works on the principle of positive displacement.

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* Design and technical specifications are subject to change without notice

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