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The Vision of Water Africa Services Limited


Drilling for water or minerals has always carried a risk factor !

Anyone contemplating a water bore must consider the following factors:

  • Will I get water of sufficient quality and quantity for my needs;
  • What drilling methods should be used to construct the well; and
  • How much will it cost?

These risk factors can be managed and reduced by careful thought, planning and research. Our company will assist you in reducing the risk factors at affordable cost and obtaining that all-important element… water!

Water Africa International Limited., has a core permanent full-time workforce of 30 people and prides itself on employing the highly trained operations staff. The entire Borehole drilling Rig operators highly experienced in drilling field from India, worked with all types of soil formation. In addition to this, all the employees are eligible to work under pressure and have ability of multi tasking.

This company is managed by qualified personnel in technical, financially experienced over 25 years in the field or water & Engineering industry. Hence we have command on our all projects we undertake.

Total work force in the Company with experiences:

1) Group Managing Director: K.N. Ashok Reddy is a Graduate Engineer in Industrial and Production Engineering from Bangalore University – India having 25 years experience in water products, bore drilling industry. He was been in the same type of Industries as Technical Director looking after the complete operations of the company being in charge for complete handling borehole drilling & other related projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Somalia and D.R.C for the fast 21 years.

2) Finance & Administration Manager: Mr. P. Murali has done a M.B.A in Financial / Management accounts and Auditing from Tirupathi University – India, Computer applications including computerized accounting and networking having over 10 years experience in accounts, costing, Finance management, administration and handling customers in various industries in India, Tanzania and Kenya.

3) Technical Manager: Who is a Graduate Engineer in Mechanical Engineering from Gujarat University – India having 8 years work experience in pumps and related service industries. He has just joined this company in June 2005 to give more support to the Organization.

4) Water Engineer/Technicians: (2 persons) Who are Diploma in Water Technology from Kenya Water Institute having 5 to 6 years experience in borehole drilling, water pumps installations & manufacturing, services industry with command on filed training to the communities about the installation of pumps etc handled projects in Kenya.

5) Borehole Drilling Managers: (2 persons) they are in-charge of the complete borehole drilling operations. They have very good hands on experience in borehole drilling companies from India worked in all types Soil formations with good command on using of Water Borehole Drilling Rigs.

6) Geologist: Who is a Master of Science in Geophysics from Kenya and having 15 years experience as Geologist. In which he has worked 4 years as a District water Engineer with Govt. of Kenya. He is also registered with Geologist board of Kenya and Member of Geological Society of Kenya. He has very good hands on experience in Geophysical survey and supervision of borehole drilling and water pipeline projects all over Kenya.

7) Other personnel: We have 5 persons in the Office like, Ware house In-charge, Office Secretary, Office assistant, Drivers etc and some field technicians during our water pumps installation and training based on the project volume.

Total number of persons for the Water Drilling Rig units:

  • Drillers (Rig Operators/Managers = 2 Nos.
  • Technicians (Rig & Air Compressor) = 2 Nos.
  • Water Technician from Kenya Water Institute = 2 Nos.
  • Mechanics/Fitters/Welders = 2 Nos.
  • Assistants (Filed) = 6 Nos.
  • Driver cum Mechanic = 2 Nos.
  • Drivers = 4 Nos.
  • Helpers/Field workers = 8 Nos.


Modernized Rig having all wheels drives with capacity of drilling up to 250M depth with 8” – 9” diameter boreholes.





Borehole Drilling is done through various techniques and method using various equipments. Some equipment are used to drill borehole of say 250 meters might take 2 to 3 months using very old Technology. Now with an emergency requirement of water required for drinking, Agriculture, Irrigation and construction works etc it’s a must to introduce new technology to get water as early as possible

Modernized Rig having all wheels drives with capacity of drilling up to 250M depth with 8” – 9” diameter boreholes.
Few projects handled:

Borehole Drilling Project at Uluu - Makueni District Commissioned by Hon. Mutua Katuku Minister of Water & Irrigation

For which we are investing in one of the new Technology called Down the Hole Hammer (DTH) with a combination of Rotary/Mud/Water drilling technology by which we can penetrate the any type of Soil/Rock formations in couple of hours. With this
Technology we can drill boreholes up to 350 mtrs depth within 2 to 3 days instead of months at almost half or 1/3rd cost of Old technology drilling.

Hon. Fohn Katuku - Minister for Water on Inauguration of Uluu Borehole in Makueni District

Advantage of new Technology drilling:

  • These Rigs are easy to Operate and user friendly.
  • Can penetrate any type of Soil formation.
  • All emergency water requirements will be solved within no time.
  • Can drill with different diameter of boreholes.
  • Easy mobility as they are mounted on Trucks.


  1. Supply of quality equipment
  2. Installations and training
  3. Repairs and maintenance
  4. Consultations and Technical assessments for existing & new projects


We stock all major/regular spares and consumable items in order to serve our clients satisfactorily. We also offer annual service and maintenance contracts to suit the client’s requirements. We do not compromise neither on the quality of the products we supply, nor the efficient after sales service.


  • 3”, 4”, 5” , 6” & 8” SS Submersible pump sets complete = 20 – 320 mtrs
  • 90mm dia SS Submersible pumps = 15 – 180 mtrs
  • Special PVC wire locked Riser pipes for above pumps = 20 – 350 mtrs
  • Afridev Deep well Hand pumps complete = 9 – 45 mtrs
  • India Mark – II Deep well hand pumps complete = 9 – 45 mtrs
  • India Mark – II Extra Deep well Hand pumps complete = 45 – 90 mtrs
  • India Mark – III Deep well Hand pumps complete = 9 – 45 mtrs
  • India Mark – III (modified) H/p 50mm open top cylinder = 9 – 60 mtrs
  • AFRI Maintenance free hand pumps = 10 – 100 mtrs
  • Direct Action MALDA hand pumps = 3-15mtrs
  • Installation and Maintenance tool kits for all above pumps
  • Spares & Accessories Plastic water storage tanks = 10 – 23,000 ltrs cap.
  • Bladder tanks and collapsible water tanks = 5 – 30,000 ltr cap.
  • Pressed Steel panel type = 5 – 280,000 ltrs
  • Fiberglass water storage tanks = 1000 – 2.5 million Ltrs
  • Fiberglass water pipes = 15mm – 4000mm dia

a) PVC and Steel borehole casings (both Plain & Slotted) 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”

b) Supply of other items as follows: -
- DTH Hammers, button bits, drag & Rock roller bits for all water rigs including suitable PAT drilling rigs
- Water level indicators (water dippers)
- Water level monitors (Water head meters)
- Drilling DTH Hammers & button bits
- Rock Roller and Drag bits for all type of water drilling rigs
- Drilling foam & Drilling Mud (Guar gum)
- Drilling Polymers and Wetting Agents, Bentonite
- Water Analysis kits for field & Lab for testing drinking water
- Soil Sieves and Gravel pack for Drilling boreholes
- Calcium Hypo chlorite – 65% & 70% Chlorine
- Aluminium Sulphate – 17% ( Non-Ferric)
- Steel fabricated mould for hand dugged wells and plastic well liners

c) Turn key projects:
- Borehole drilling up to 350mtrs depth in any soil formations.
- Installation and maintenance of hand pumps & Submersible pumps
- Water pipeline projects, Erection of Fiberglass tanks
- Supply of Solar powered submersible pumps
- Construction of Water Reservoirs with Dam Lining materials.
- Setting up of Field Water testing Labs and Training the filed personal.

1. Market: - Scope:
- Non-Government Organizations
- Relief Agencies
- Central and Local Government
- Church & Missionaries
- Private organizations and Rural water projects

2. Export Countries:
- Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo (Kinshasa), Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana and Malawi

3. Future Plans:
We are setting up our sales offices all over East & Central Africa to give better backup services for all our customers with close attention and greater satisfaction.

4. WASL – Team :
Good experienced professionals in the field of finance, Administration, Engineering and Water Technology to manage the company.

5. Total Quality Control:
Our products are manufactured exactly as per the specifications and International standards lay down by IS/BS/ISO/SKAT/UNICEF & World Bank. We would welcome your representative for quality checks on our goods prior to delivery.

6. Conclusion:
We trust we have furnished you our company profile and shall be glad to give you further information you may need. We also trust that, our prices will be more competitive and our products are fully guaranteed with complete technical backup services. Our strong technical knowledge makes us intensively aware of client need, be it in product performance, technical information or applications. We now request you to include our name in your supplier’s list to provide us to give you our best attention and services at all the time. We are looking forward to receiving your valued enquires and orders.

Thanking you and will appreciate your valuable support. If you need any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Water Africa International Limited
Head Office: Postal Address
P.O. Box 3730 – 00100, Enterprises road, Nairobi – Kenya.
Tele: + 254 20 6750349 / 452, 2018333, 825238 / 39 / 41 /42
Fax: + 254 20 2081010 / 825240
Email:,, &

Website :

Contact Personnel:
Mr. K.N. ASHOK REDDY – Group Managing Director
Kenya Mobile: + 254 733 750139 & 722 389456
Wirless : + 254 20 2018 333
Mr. P. Murali – Finance & Admin Manager
Mobile: + 254 788 848848,

South Sudan Office :
Munuki road, JUBA – South Sudan
Vivacel: + 211 955 227820 / 020955 MTN : +211 926 826455 / 56
Zain: + 211 916 001000 / 002000
E-mail:, & ,


Water Africa Services Limited.., is the borehole drilling, water pumps & all types of water projects professionals. If you want a sustainable water supply / services that will add capital value to your property, please call immediately…

K. N. ASHOK REDDY on his Mobile at any …. Time….to get the best and efficient services at all the times.


Kenya Office
Water Africa International Ltd,
Enterprises Road, Next to GM & Softa
P. O. Box 3730 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
t: +254 (20) 6750349/452, 82523/39/41/2, 201833
f: +254 (20) 825240 / 2081010
Cell: +254 (733) 750139
Cell: +254 (722) 389456
Sudan Office
Water Africa Services Ltd,
Munuka Road Juba, South Sudan
Vivacel: +211 955 227820 / 020955,
MTN: +211 926 826455 / 56
Zain:+211 916 001000 / 002000
Sudani: +249 (12) 6183451, 6298512/514